As a Shipper of your package You should know clearly about what you are sending and also it is necessary to intimate clearly to your Consignee about the things inside your Package..

Sometimes the Customs Officials at the receiving end may inquire about the things inside the package, with the Consignee (the receiver ) and it is the CONSIGNEE’s Resposibility to explain and clear the package from The Customs Office corresponding with all Rules and Regulations. . .

The Method to Calculate : Your Package

   Take the Actual Weight of the Package
   Calculate the Volumetric Weight
The greater of which, is the weight of your package

VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT: Reflects the density of the package

Length ( * ) Width (*) Height / 5000 per piece is the Volumetric Weight for a Air Way Package.


As a Family Owned Business, we can hold the line on Price increases without compromise on Service. WE very much aware that Today’s Fast Moving Economy requires and also compelled us to run behind the Heavy Competition in each and every the Industry. So We are also in need to keep our pricing as a competitive one. .

Shippers Warranties

   All the informations given by the Shipper about the contents of a package and the Data about the Consignee is Accurate and Complete

   The Shipper has complied with all applicable Customs Law, Exports Law and Rules and Regulations imposed by all State and Central Governments then and there.

   The shipment should not contain any Restricted Items by any Government.

   The Shipper is the “TRUE SHIPPER and EXPORTER” of the Shipment.

   The Description , Value, Consignee and all associated informations and Documents related to the Shipment are “TRUE and CORRECT”

And it is the Receiver / Consignee’s Responsibility to clear the shipment at the Receiving End Destination complying all Regulations by the Concerned Government.


Restricted items in courier services

  • Gold / Silver / Precious Metals
  • Salt / Pure Oil / Ghee
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Tobacco Products / Drugs
  • Perfumes
  • Biological Substances
  • Flowers / other pants / seeds
  • Dangerous Goods

Prohibited items in courier services

  • ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Hazardous waste
  • Bank bills, notes
  • Precious stones / Gold / Silver / Cash
  • Human Remains
  • Animal Parts

and Any kind of items banned by State / Centreal Governments.